Assets 2

Bug Fixes

Fixed memory leak in combination of the newly added ArchRule.AssertionError and JUnit 4. JUnit 4 keeps references to all thrown AssertionErrors through the whole run. Since ArchRule.AssertionError kept a reference to EvaluationResult this could consume a lot of memory, if the respective results were big.
This release removes ArchRule.AssertionError (introduced in version 0.9.0).

Note that this is in theory a breaking change, since it would have been possible to catch and process ArchRule.AssertionError. There does not seem to be any clean solution to this problem though, and due to the slim probability that the removal of this part of the API will in fact affect any user, the step seems justified.

If anybody should against all odds have a problem with this, feel free to open an issue and we will find a different solution.

Also ArchUnitTestEngine's engine id has been adjusted from junit-archunit to archunit to get rid of the warning JUnit 5 emits since version 1.3.0.