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Intent-Driven Scenario Authoring
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Intent-Driven Scenario Authoring

This repository holds the complete source code accompanying the paper "Integrating Run-Time Incidents in a Large-Scale Simulated Urban Environment", i.e.:

  • the population and activity generator;
  • the run-time incident (event) planner;
  • an experimentation environment that features (2D) visualization and interaction.

How to build

The source code is written in Java 8 and uses Apache Maven for project dependencies and settings (see pom.xml). It can be built and run using popular Java IDEs such as Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ.

How to run

Start nl.tno.idsa.viewer.GUI (no arguments) to run the experimentation environment.


  1. Configuration file.
  2. Guide to adding your own GIS and census data (replacing the example NL data).
  3. Code documentation and cleanup.
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