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A .NET package for Payant

For more information, visit Payant Official Documentation.


To install PayantDotNet, run the following command in the Package Manager Console or nuget.

Installation image


  • Include the PayantDotNet namespace
using PayantDotNet;

NOTE : Each namespaces below are reponsible for each Payant activities you want to perfom.

  • Other namespaces include the following:
// For client related activities
using PayantDotNet.Client;

// For invoice related activities
using PayantDotNet.Invoice;

// For miscellaneous related activities
using PayantDotNet.Miscellaneous;

// For payment related activities
using PayantDotNet.Payment;

// For product related activities
using PayantDotNet.Product;

// For transfer related activities
using PayantDotNet.Transfer;
  • Instantiate the Payant object with your secret Key
Payant _payant = new Payant("xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");

Method Usage

NOTE: Every Add, Get, Delete, Send methods respectively follow similar usage style.

  • Add client: add new client to merchant account
var result = _payant.AddClientAsync();

  • Get client: retrieve details of a specific client
var client = _payant.GetClientAsync("1709");

Console.WriteLine(client.Data.FirstName + " " + client.Data.LastName);
  • Add new Product: add a new Product to merchant account
// set product properties
Product newProduct = new Product
    Name = "Car",
    Description = "Toyota camry LE",
    UnitCost = 500,
    Type = Product.ProductTypes.Product,
    Status = "1"

//send request
var newProductResult = _payant.AddProductAsync(newProduct);

//output the result
Console.WriteLine(newProductResult.Status + ": " + newProductResult.Message);

//OUTPUT : Success: Product has been added successfully
  • Get Product: retrieve details of a specific product
var requestedProduct = _payant.GetProductAsync("78");

Console.WriteLine(requestedProduct.Status + " " + requestedProduct.Data.Name);

//OUTPUT : Success: Burger
  • Edit product: edit details of a specific product
//new values for product
Product editedProduct = new Product
    Name = "Cars",
    Description = "Toyota camry LE",
    UnitCost = 500,
    Type = Product.ProductTypes.Product,
    Status = "1"

var editedProductResult = _payant.EditProductAsync("96", editedProduct);

Console.WriteLine(editedProductResult.Status + " " + editedProductResult.Data.Name);
  • Get Products: get all products that exists in merchant account
var products = _payant.GetProductsAsync();

Console.WriteLine(products.Status + ": " + products.Data[0].CreatedAt);

Console.WriteLine(products.Status + ": " + products.Data[0].CreatedAt);

// Success: 2016-12-21 18:46:30
// Success: 2017-02-21 04:32:22
  • Add Payment: add new payment/perform a new payment
Payment newPayment = new Payment()
    InvoiceReferenceCode = "HFGcXb6IfUB4wurodtv1",
    Date = DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/mm/yyyy"),
    Amount = "5738.959",
    PaymentChannel = Payment.PaymentChannels.Cheque

var newPaymentResult = _payant.AddPaymentAsync(newPayment);
  • Get Payment: retrieve a specific payment details
var payment = _payant.GetPaymentAsync("LGi1se7u6kfqT84dAbUS");

  • Get Payment History: retrieve payment histories within a range of time
PaymentHistory paymentHistories = new PaymentHistory()
    paymentPeriod = PaymentHistory.Periods.Ninety

var paymentHistoriesResult = _payant.GetPaymentHistoriesAsync(paymentHistories);

  • Get Banks: retrieve a list of banks and their access codes
var banks = _payant.GetBanksAsync();

foreach (var bank in banks.Data)
    Console.WriteLine($"Bank code: {bank.Key} , Bank name: {bank.Value.ToLower()}");

// OUTPUT: Bank code: 011 , Bank name: first bank nigeria}
  • Delete Client: delete a specific client from merchant account
var deletedClient = _payant.DeleteClientAsync("1787");


// OUTPUT: Success

Available methods

  • Product
AddProductAsync(Product productData):ProductResponse
GetProductAsync(string productId):ProductResponse
EditProductAsync(string productId, Product productData):ProductResponse
  • Payments
AddPaymentAsync(Payment paymentData):PaymentResponse
GetPaymentAsync(string referenceCode):PaymentResponse
GetPaymentHistoriesAsync(PaymentHistory transferHistoryData):PaymentHistoryResponse
  • Transfers
AddTransferAsync(Transfer transferData):TransferResponse
GetTansferAsync(string referenceCode):TransferResponse
GetTransferHistoriesAsync(TransferHistory transferHistoryData):TransferHistoryResponse
DeleteTransferAsync(string referenceCode):Response
  • Invoices
AddInvoiceAsync(Invoice incoiceData):InvoiceResponse
GetInvoiceAsync(string referenceCode):InvoiceResponse
SendInvoiceAsync(string referenceCode):Response
GetInvoiceHistoryAsync(InvoiceHistory invoiceDetails):InvoiceResponse
DeleteInvoiceAsync(string referenceCode):Response
  • Clients
DeleteClientAsync(string clientId):Response
EditClientAsync(string clientId, Client clientData):ClientResponse
GetClientAsync(string clientId):ClientResponse
AddClientASync(Client clientData):ClientResponse
  • Miscellaneous
GetPaymentsAsync(string referenceCode):PaymentResponse
ResolveAccountAsync(Account accountDetails):ResolvedAccountResponse


For any changes or imporovement, simply fork this repo and contribute by submitting a pull request to enhance the functionalities, and I'll check it out By The Most High God's Grace.

For any inquiry, message me at @TNkemdilim

As a sign of appreciation, why not star the repo.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.