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Release Notes


This release fixes the following:

  • Completes the upgrade to the ALeRCE v1 API.
  • Updates the TNS API URL to the updated value.
  • Adds DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD to settings.tmpl for new TOMs. Existing TOMs should add DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD = 'django.db.models.AutoField' to their, which will resolve any warning messages that include HINT: Configure the DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD setting, provided the existing TOM is on Django 3.2 or later.


This release removes the MPC module as a default, given that the latest version of astroquery has an issue with it that will be fixed in the next release.

Users of the MPC should follow the instructions listed here in order to ensure that it works.


This release includes most, but not all, of the upgrade to the new ALeRCE API. It should be considered to be in beta as long as the disclaimer at the top of the ALeRCE query form is present.


This release supercedes the mistaken 2.6.1 release and includes the fix for spectroscopic migration alluded to in 2.6.1. It also includes a stub module for the Fink broker.


  • Refactors user_list to use templatetags in order to facilitate introduction of new tom_registration installable app.
  • Adds django-rest-framework API endpoint for cancelling observations.
  • Adds support for assigning group permissions to observations submitted via the django-rest-framework API endpoint.
  • Upgrades numpy, astropy, and astroplan, and removes support for Python 3.6.

What to watch out for

  • HTML in user_list.html has been replaced by templatetags, so anyone overriding the user_list.html template should copy the changes. They can be reviewed in this pull request.
  • HTML for login buttons in base.html has been replaced by a templatetag. Changes can be reviewed in the above pull request.
  • Support for Python 3.6 has been removed.


  • Retains the selected tab on reload for target detail page, as well as selected filters on target list and observation list when updating statuses.
  • Adds new statuses supported by the LCO facility.

What to watch out for

  • In order to leverage the tab retention, you'll need to copy the changes in tom_targets/target_detail.html, tom_observations/observation_list, and tom_targets/target_list.html. You can review this pull request to see what has changed.


  • Fixes the erroneous use of photon_flux and replaces it with flux for spectroscopic data processing. It also fixes past usage of photon_flux using a migration script.

What to watch out for

  • This release requires running ./ migrate.
  • This release will modify all ReducedDatum objects with a data_type of 'spectroscopy'. It is highly recommended that you back up your data prior to running the migration script.


  • Fixes the ObservationRecordCancelView and adds a path to it to It is now accessible via tom_observations:cancel.


  • Added API endpoints for submit, list, and detail for ObservationRecords.


  • Fixes a bug when submitting observations for dynamic cadences produced by the photometric sequence form.
  • Fixes a bug showing an inappropriate error message when LCO validation fails.


Release 2.4.1 was yanked and should not be installed.


  • Updated TNS URL to the new URL used by TNS in the broker and harvester modules.
  • Modified ObservationRecord, ObservationTemplate, BrokerQuery, and ReducedDatum to use JSONField instead of TextField.
  • Dependency updates.

What to watch out for

  • This release requires running ./ migrate.
  • Any uses of ObservationRecord.serialize_parameters(), ObservationRecord.parameters_as_dict, BrokerQuery.parameters_as_dict, ObservationTemplate.serialize_parameters() should be replaced with <ModelName>.parameters.


  • Added a new observing form for MUSCAT submissions to LCO.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in observations with unknown status not showing up in alert bubble on target detail page.

What to watch out for

  • If you have customized your target_detail.html, the line {% target_unknown_statuses object %} was moved to be outside of the {% if %} block, and will need to be updated to correct the bug.


  • Added a new TargetNameSearchView that allows a user to search for a target name and be redirected to the target detail page for that name, provided there's only one result.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed negative exposure time and exposure count in the LCOPhotometricSequenceForm.
  • Fixed out-of-date references to LCOObservationForm in documentation.
  • Added links and descriptions of new supported modules to documentation.


  • Updated MARS and ALeRCE modules to support Dash Broker changes.
  • Various documentation improvements.


  • Fixed a bug in SimbadHarvester due to changes in the Simbad API.
  • Added a Simbad canary test.


  • Renamed ALERT_CREDENTIALS and BROKER_CREDENTIALS to BROKERS as a catchall for any broker-specific values.
  • Added support for custom CadenceStrategy layouts.
  • Moved settings for TNSHarvester into settings.HARVESTERS to maintain consistency.
  • Updated tom_alerts.GenericBroker interface to support submission upstream to a broker, if implemented.
  • Fixed TNSBroker to get the correct object name.
  • Added stub SCIMMABroker.
  • Removed tom_publications from tom_base, and placed it in a separate tom_publications repository.
  • Upgraded a number of dependencies, including astroplan, astropy, and multiple django-related libraries.
  • Added tests for,,, and
  • Added canary tests for and

Breaking changes

  • Migrations are required for this version.
  • Due to the renaming of BROKER_CREDENTIALS and ALERT_CREDENTIALS to BROKERS, TOM Toolkit users will need to consolidate their broker configurations in into the BROKERS dict.
  • Because the built-in cadence strategies were moved into their own files, users of the cadence strategies will need to update their settings.TOM_CADENCE_STRATEGIES to include the values as seen in this commit:
  • Users of the TNSHarvester will need to introduce a dict in settings called HARVESTERS with a sub-dict TNS to store the relevant api_key.
  • Due to the removal of tom_publications, TOM Toolkit users will need to either add tom_publications to their dependencies, or:
    • Remove tom_publications from INSTALLED_APPS.
    • Remove publications_extras from the following templates, if they've been customized: observation_groups.html, target_grouping.html.
    • Remove references to latex_button_group from the templates referenced above, if they've been customized.
  • The LCOBaseForm methods instrument_choices, instrument_to_type, and filter_choices were re-implemented as static methods, and any subclasses will need to add a staticmethod decorator, modify the method signature, and replace calls to self within the method to calls to the class name.


  • This release pins the Django version in order to address a security vulnerability.

What to watch out for

  • The Django version is now pinned at 3.0.7, where previously it allowed >=2.2. You'll need to ensure that any custom code is compatible with Django >=3.0.7.


  • New methods expand the Facility API to support reporting Facility status and weather: get_facility_status() and get_facility_weather_url(). When these methods are implemented by a Facility provider, this information can be made available in your TOM.
  • A new template tag, facility_status(), is available to present this information.


  • Introduced a manual facility interface for classical observing.
  • Introduced a view and corresponding form to add existing API-based observations to a Target.
  • Introduced a view and corresponding form to update an existing manual observation with an API-based observation ID.

What to watch out for

  • For facility implementers: in order to support a Manual Facility Interface, the team created a BaseObservationFacility and two abstract implementations of it, BaseRoboticObservationFacility and BaseManualObservationFacility. BaseRoboticObservationFacility was aliased as GenericObservationFacility to support backwards compatibility, but will be removed in 2.0.