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  TOPFLYtech's device access platform's decoding library allows TOPFLYtech's devices to quickly access the platform.
  We provide Java, C#, Python ,Node codec libraries, you can directly access your platform, or you can put a partial copy of the code selection into your platform. If you are not sure about byte conversion, please refer to the BytesUtils class inside.
  We also provide a demo to facilitate testing device interaction with the platform.
  We also have an online device message decoder to verify the data sent by the device. Please visit:

  To purchase equipment from TOPFLYtech, please visit:

  If you do not know the corresponding relationship between the protocol and the Lib library, please refer to .You can download the picture and zoom in to see the code structure.

  If you need to see the algorithm for generating unique IDs on the Android side, please check, if you need to see the algorithm for generating unique IDs on the IOS side, please check, The IOS side needs to support the keyChain function.You need to open Keychain share first, select Target -> Capabilities -> Keychain Groups of the project. Turn this option on.


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