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A game about gnomes, programming and gardening
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A game about gnomes, programming and gardening

NOTE: Codegarden is still in its early stages of development! Expect glorious MS paint placeholder graphics intermixed with the actual good graphics, discrepancies between the design document and reality, and a general inability to mute the Wilhelm Scream sound effect that is played whenever your gnome falls off the edge of the level.

You can try out a snapshot of its current state here.

Developer instructions

In order to develop, you'll first need to have git and npm available as command-line utilities.

  • On Windows, you can get npm by installing NodeJS.
  • On Debian Linux you'll also need to install the nodejs-legacy package (see this stackoverflow question for the reason).

Building from Source

Open a command line interface in the directory that contains this README file, and use the following command to install Codegarden's other dependencies locally:

  • npm install

You can build and run Codegarden with either of the following:

  • npm start
  • npm run dev

Changes to the sourcecode will automatically cause the browser to refresh, and there is a level editor available under /levelEditor. The 'run dev' command also automatically runs and watches the automated tests, while 'start' just runs Codegarden.

To run the automated tests separately, you can use one the following scripts:

  • npm test
  • npm run test-watch

The first command runs the test once and then completes, the second will watch for changes and repeatedly re-run the tests.

Deploying a new version to Github Pages

First, confirm that Codegarden is working properly. Then use the following script:

  • npm run website

After this command completes, push the changed files in the 'docs' directory to Github.


Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking.

-- Wangari Maathai

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