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Mambo ROS Examples Artwork

This is a collection based on my previous repository (Bebop_ROS_Examples), but for this time, this collection is targeted to Mambo Parrot Drone using ros_pyparrot. This collection contains experiments with and without a Motion Capture System (Vicon), with one or more drones. Additionally, you can test our robust control strategy with perturbation estimation by cloning ros_rhinf (required for rhinf experiments).


If you find this code useful for your project, please consider to cite us as:


@ARTICLE{Rubio-Scola et al.:2020,
  author={I. R. {Scola} and G. A. G. {Reyes} and L. R. G. {Carrillo} and J. P. {Hespanha} and L. {Burlion}},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology}, 
  title={A Robust Control Strategy With Perturbation Estimation for the Parrot Mambo Platform}, 


  1. Create and move to a new catkin workspace:

    mkdir ~/mambo_ws && cd ~/mambo_ws

  2. Create and move to a new src folder:

    mkdir src && cd src

  3. Check the requirements of ros_pyparrot driver and clone it:

    git clone

  4. Clone this repository:

    git clone

  5. Install pid_control package for ROS:

    sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-pid

  6. (For rhinf experiments) Clone ros_rhinf repository:

    git clone

  7. (For Mocap experiments (Vicon)) Clone vicon_bridge and follow its instructions to configurate your environment:

    git clone

  8. Move back to the mambo_ws directory:

    cd ~/mambo_ws

  9. Build the experiments:


  10. Get ready the experiments:

    source devel/setup.bash

You're done! Please see the experiments below to choose one that fits your needs!


The usage of this code comes without any warranties and responsibility falls completely up to who downloads it and executes the included experiments.

These experiments can be executed by using this command:

rosrun Mambo_ROS_Examples desired_node

For example:

rosrun Mambo_ROS_Examples mambo_simple_test

Warning: Some nodes depend on others, please check the following section to make sure of fulfilling the requirements. An example_node_configuration is available as a visual aid.

Included Experiments

  • mambo_simple_test: This is an open loop test (no Mocap required), which includes three different behaviors, more instructions on comments.
  • mambo_waypoints: This is the core navigation system by waypoints for the Mambo drone, requires of the Mocap system as feedback. No waypoints provided at the start, will allow the system to accept waypoints on the fly. It requires a control node, such as pid or rhinf.
  • mambo_waypoint_circle: This is an experiment designed to move a Mambo Parrot in a circle, it requires the mambo_waypoints node to work.
  • mambo_waypoint_time: This is an experiment designed to run a Mambo Parrot drone through a series of waypoints based on time lapses, it requires the mambo_waypoints node to work.
  • mambo_guardian_angels: This is an experiment designed to run 3 Mambo Parrot Drone around an selected object tracked by Mocap, it requires the mambo_waypoints node to work.

Launch files

The following launch files are a quick way to start an experiment, with pre-configurated variables, like the active controllers and their gains, Mocap names of the vehicles to track, among others. Please considerate to modify them to meet your requirements before start any experiment.

They can be launched as roslaunch Mambo_ROS_Examples {desired_test}.launch, for example:

roslaunch Mambo_ROS_Examples test_square_PD_XY_time.launch

Here is the list of the launch files that this collection contains, look into the launch files to watch which nodes are invoked:

  • test_1.launch
  • test_guardians.launch
  • test_square.launch
  • test_square_PD_XY_time.launch
  • test_square_PD_XY_time_no_record.launch
  • test_square_rhinf_XY.launch
  • test_square_rhinf_XY_time.launch
  • test_zero.launch
  • test_zero_rhinf.launch
  • test_zero_rhinf_XY.launch

Extra: ROS Bags with Mocap Data of these experiments are available upon request


This is a collection of experiments based on ros_pyparrot driver for Mambo Parrot Drone







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