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Configs Added by TPPI

Test Pack Please Ignore - Minecraft Modpack

A public repository for all changes to the pack.

We have a subreddit at . Thanks for reading!


Test Pack Please Ignore is a third-party FTB pack made by members of the /r/FeedTheBeast subreddit, officially sanctioned by Slowpoke in late 2013.

To get the pack, enter the code MegaSharkPunch into the FTB private packs option.

Clients: This pack runs best with at least 2.5 GB memory, and 256 MB of permgen. Permgen is automatically set by the FTB launcher, but to set the permgen in a different launcher add the following java parameter: -XX:PermSize=256M

Servers: The server download comes with recommended Java arguments. Those were used when initially testing this pack before it released, and it worked great. You may need to allocate more RAM if you have lots of concurrent players online. Never try and allocate too much, Java hates that.

When you enter a new world, our book, like the Tinker’s Construct one, will show up in your inventory. Read it!

Reporting Bugs

Submit all bug reports on this github.

To open up an issue: click the issues tab on the right side of the page. Once there, click the “new issue” green button near the top right of the screen in the issues menu, and fill out the subject/title and the body paragraph.

What does a good bug report look like?

  1. Steps to reproduce.
  2. If the game crashed, or if one of the developers ask you to, a copy of your log on some sort of paste website. I recommend, to allow for maximum characters.
  3. Screenshots, if the issue warrants it and for clarification.

Any questions/comments/concerns can be brought up on our IRC here.

For everything else you need to know, you can find the information on our own subreddit here.



###Current Team

  • sneezing_panda (/u/dudeedud4)

  • esKaayY (/u/esKaayY)

  • Judge (/u/JDGBOLT)

  • Spyboticsguy (/u/spyboticsguy)

  • timewarp (/u/timewarp)

  • tterrag (/u/tterrag1098)

  • wha-ha-ha (/u/wha-ha-ha)

###Past Members

  • collinmurphy (/u/collinmurphy)

  • Devin_Steinkoenig (/u/Devon_Steinkoenig)

  • Dr Soda (IGN: Epiksoda11)

  • Nevik (/u/GTNLnevik)

  • LaloLalo1999 (/u/LaloLalo1999)

  • micspam (/u/micspamtf2)

  • NEOidea (stellarcraft) (IGN: NEOidea)

  • nsstrunks (IGN: nsstrunks)

  • phit (/u/phitriz)

All contributors can be found here.


We love getting outside contributions, especially to our mod documentation system, however doing so can be a little complex for some.

First a note: If you are going to contribute, please make your contributions to the Dev branch, not master. Switch this by using the dropdown box on the main repo page.

Also, if you are just planning on making a one-line change, or anything that just alters one file, you can simply find the file and press "edit", and github will do the rest.

To make any larger contributions, it is recommended to have Github for Windows/Mac/Linux installed (use the orange button for the application, or the rest of the article for command line git).

To do so you will need to make what is called a "fork" of this repository. To do this press the "Fork" button on the top right of the page, and github will create your own copy of this repository. Once that has completed, use the github application to "clone" this repository, Github Help can help you with this portion. Make the changes on your computer, then commit and push those back to your fork (again, refer to the github help documents).

Once your fork has all the changes you want, you need to create a "pull request" on the main repository. To do this, go to the pull request tab on the right, and hit "new pull request". At the top of that screen hit "compare across forks", then choose the second dropdown on the first line to be "Dev", the first dropdown on the second line to be your fork, and the final dropdown to be "Dev" again (This may require hitting "compare across forks" and "edit" quite a few times to get it right). If everything looks right, meaning you see all your commits on the screen, hit "Create pull request" and we will review it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help!

Current Modlist

Google Doc. Modlist:


Use the command /tppi changelog in-game, or look here.