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# updates the copyright information for all .cs files
# usage: call recursive_traversal, with the following parameters
# parent directory, old copyright text content, new copyright text content
import os
excludedir = []
def update_source(filename, oldcopyright, copyright):
print filename
utfstr = chr(0xef)+chr(0xbb)+chr(0xbf)
fdata = file(filename,"r+").read()
isUTF = False
if (fdata.startswith(utfstr)):
isUTF = True
fdata = fdata[3:]
if (oldcopyright != None):
if (fdata.startswith(oldcopyright)):
fdata = fdata[len(oldcopyright):]
if not (fdata.startswith(copyright)):
print "updating "+filename
fdata = copyright + fdata
if (isUTF):
def recursive_traversal(dir, oldcopyright, copyright):
global excludedir
fns = os.listdir(dir)
print "listing "+dir
for fn in fns:
fullfn = os.path.join(dir,fn)
if (fullfn in excludedir):
if (os.path.isdir(fullfn)):
recursive_traversal(fullfn, oldcopyright, copyright)
if (fullfn.endswith(".js")):
update_source(fullfn, oldcopyright, copyright)
oldcright = None
cright = file("licence.txt","r+").read()
recursive_traversal("../src", oldcright, cright)
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