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(Obsolete) Bannerweb client for course registration on Middlebury College Bannerweb.
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Course Registration

![icon](./Image Resources/middlebury_logo_small.png)

Cross platform program for registering for classes for Middlebury College Bannerweb system. Based on the script by @danielhtrauner.


  • Packed into executables, easier for non Python lovers to use

  • Allowed user to type in their information

  • Added cache function, user can save their configuration for a future registration and come back later. Configuration saved in 'reg.ini' file



Decompress (unzip) downloaded .zip file, and double click on the .exe executable

Configuration file is at "C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\CourseRegistration\reg.ini"


Decompress (unzip) downloaded .zip file, and double click on the executable

Configuration file is at "/Library/Caches/Course\ Registration/reg.ini"

Note: before first launch, if your security setting only allows apps made by "Mac App Store and identified developers", you wll receive a security warning. To disable it and run the program, go to "System Preferences" then "Security & Privacy", and click on "Open Anyway"


Decompress the tar.gz file

tar -xzvf Course_Registration_Linux.tar.gz

Execute program in extracted folder from terminal


Configuration file is at program directory


You can simply type




after giving the script enough executive permission by

[sudo ]chmod +x


Instructions are clear inside the program, one thing to note is that the program memorises your registration date and registration plan including CRNs and alternate PIN. You can simply enter your specifications and exit the program by clicking the "x" button or ctrl+c. You will be able to recover your records next time the program is run. To secure more sleep, you can simply leave your laptop on over night, make sure it doesn't go to sleep, and the program will execute at 7:00am sharp.

If you have any questions regarding usage or bugs, please don't hesitate to contact me via


Known Limitations

  • Does not handle exceptions that happen during the part where emulated browser opens the registration page

  • Only checks the format of term_string, but does not check validity

  • Source code all in one file, will change soon. Sorry to other contributor (if any) ╮(╯▽╰)╭


  • Graphical Interface

  • Multithreading, enable separation of class, allow users to enter a group of CRNs that are for one class, and try them together on one thread

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