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@TRBO-Coin TRBO-Coin released this Aug 17, 2019

Fixed a Bug that caused wallet not to sync
Mandatory Wallet Upgrade + Masternodes

TRBO Wallet V1.1 change-log - 2nd Update

Coin Burn Feature implemented - Enabled 15th September 2019
Added Checkpoints
Stake Age Changed
Various fixes including block schedules - No changes to rewards
Protocol version change 70008 > 70009 enforced 31st August 2019 must upgrade wallet and MN's before this date otherwise your wallets will not connect.

Mandatory Wallet Upgrade + Masternodes

OS **Included Files **
Windows 64 Bit Wallet GUI + Daemon
Windows 32 Bit Wallet GUI + Daemon
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Wallet GUI + Daemon
Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Wallet GUI + Daemon
Mac OSX Sierra Wallet GUI
Mac OSX Mojave Wallet GUI
Linux Ubuntu 16.04* Daemon Only- Script Uses for MN Install

Bootstrap for MN Installer - Updated 12.11.19

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