Known Problems

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  • phylogeny_explorer.js Magnification and numberoflevels_to_display parameters cannot be set or are unreliable. --- need to check code
  • Square box indicating state change of a set of characters has disappeared from web application - probably a css styling matter

Features. Interop

  • need to work up a simple GUID/LSID translation to link taxa across diverse data sources. See previous work in TRIN by PaulH - provides a good model.

web application

  • possibly further the default
  • port the ALA web application phylojive so it can be used elsewhere
  • develop others?


  • Add to the examples on the project landing page
  • investigate the use of github to host other people's phylogenies

web application

Feb 2014. Check if these problems still exist. fails on 1st page load in windows 7 (chrome and firefox) i.e. does not run the visualisation the 1st time.

  • cause is that initial caching of external js libraries times out.
  • solution reload the page to cache the other libraries from source
  • consider packaging 3rd party js libraries in with page

Safari 6.1 - not in debug mode

----- subsequently fixed in safari 6.1.1

Taxon names in tree replaced by branch lengths after a point in medium size taxonomies. Problem, frustratingly, disappears when js is profiled or other dev tools activated. --- suspected memory leak as reported for other js memory intensive processes.

Align names

  • flag is reset to false on startup
  • needs to be set to true for heat map to appear for quantitative characters