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Test project for Codecool based on Django.

How to run example ?

Run command line and provide below commands (make sure you are in directory with file) :

$ python migrate # create necessary files for database manage (default database system is SQLite)
$ python runserver 8080 # run server with our application, should works at http://localhost:8080 in web browser

Administration panel:

If your server is working use Ctrl + C (Cmd + C on Mac) to stop server, run this command :

$ python createsuperuser # it will adding admin user creator, provide necessary data (username, email and password)

start server:

$ python runserver 8080

Navigate to http://localhost:8080/admin and login with credits provided before


Project is configured to run in docker enviroment

Please ensure that you have docker installed on your system (

To run example in docker enviroment follow this steps:

  • Download repository
git clone
  • Go to project directory
cd DjangoSimpleExampleProject
  • Change chmod of file
chmod u+x
  • Build docker image
sudo docker build -t <youruser>/mentor_candidate:latest . 

Where is you unique username

  • Run image
sudo docker run --publish=<yourip>:8080:8080 <youruser>/mentor_candidate   

Where yourip is our computer ip for example

Then you should be able to login in with below credits:

  • user: admin
  • password: password12345
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