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Women Representation Data.csv
Women Representation Data.xlsx


Click here for live demo


Rittenhouse Political stopped by Code for Philly in September 2015 to ask for help with a data set in CSV. Their goal is to outline the difference between male and female political representation in Pennsylvania based on election results between 2000-2014. They would like to visually display the data in tables, graphs, and ultimately a "heat map" to show how women have been represented in PA during those years. We are working in JavaScript to display this data in a palatable manner for end users.

There are two separate maps to display for the heat map. One shows the House of Representatives district lines, while the other shows the Senate District lines. See the links for the map outlines:

House Map pdf -

Senate Map pdf -

The original csv file is available here on github. We also have some Excel files with further analysis to help get ideas for displaying the data.


  1. Data processing to ignore , inside quotes while splitting
  2. Pivot table css for dropdowns
  3. Legend for bar chart
  4. Legend for line chart
  5. Update heat map to use district lines (create two maps - one for House and one for Senate)


  1. Ayushman Khazanchi
  2. Candace Worthen
  3. Matthew Farley
  4. Tom Ryan
  5. Waqqas Farooq