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Thomas Strothjohann

I am a digital journalist and a web developer. I have reported on serious topics like a transport of relief goods to the Syrian border. But I also told stories about people brewing beer, finding dogs or riding bikes. In May 2015 I have graduated from "Makers Academy" a twelve week immersive coding bootcamp. Now I want to cementize my coding skills in a media related tech company.



Almost three years of working as an editor for Oberhessische Presse:

Tech in Journalism

I specialize in technology in journalism:

  • I have been writing for medium magazin, a professional journal for journalists.
  • I reported on content management systems, web documentaries, news apps and technology in journalism in general. I also explained new tools to other journalists in a monthly column.
  • I recently wrote a special about the New York Times Innovation Report.


I've quit my job as an editor in February 2015 to explore where digital journalism and online storytelling are heading. My first step in doing so was learning how to code at Makers Academy in London.

####In 12 weeks from 0 to quite a lot (...I would say):

During my time at Makers I haven't done anything but to code. We started with Ruby, Test Driven Development and Object Oriented Programming. We went on with Sinatra-based web apps like this little Twitter clone. Thereafter I learned JavaScript and AngularJS, and build a blog aggregator on a slim node-server. My final project was a Rails-based social network for hobby chefs called Dinnr.

  • I have developed a particular interest in RESTful APIs. I have learned how to serve them, test them and experimented with different ways of retrieving content from several APIs - favouring the Angular way.

  • TDD has guided me through this process of learning: RSpec, Capybara and Cucumber in Ruby projects, Jasmine and Protractor for testing JS and Angular and Travis with Code Climate for Continuous Integration.

  • I've been blogging about my dive into code.

Working in multilingual teams

I have worked in a variety of different teams: in agile environments and traditionally managed teams, in German, English and Spanish. I am a fan of pair programming and agile project management.


Makers Academy (February 2015 - May 2015)

University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (2008/10 - 2012/03)

  • Online Journalism, Diplom
  • Grade: 1,2
  • Thesis: A web documentary about a film team that tried to climb the Mont Blanc


  • Zeit Online Research & Development, Berlin (2015/06 - 10), Intern
  • Oberhessische Presse, Marburg (2012/05 - 2015/02), Editor
  • medium magazin, Frankfurt (2008/11 - today), Member of the editorial team
  • Social service at a German library in Managua, Nicaragua (2007-2008)
  • Student exchange in Quito, Ecuador (2004-2005)