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A web app that searches google scholar and generates MLA citations based on key terms given by the user. Uses as the tool to search google scholar. This was created at MasseyHacks2.
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We pretty much wanted to simplify the bibliography making process as much as possible. Now keep in mind there are a lot of services that help you make a bibliography given a certain web link. We wanted to take it a bit further...

Imagine it's 3:00am and you have a paper on hamlet due tommorow and for some godforsaken reason, your teacher demands that you use 10 different web-sources. Seriously, it's 3:00am and you want to sleep. Most students would just google hamlet and shove the first 10 links (one by one) into easy bib and pray that they get sourced right. Well Really Easy Bibliography takes that and make it even easier. With Really Easy Bib, all you need to do is type in a subject and it generates the entire bibliography for you!


-All the sources are from scholarly articles
-Bibliographies are produced using MLA format
-All sources are cited using infomation fetched with a web crawler

##What We Used To Build This -Python
-Google Scholar Seach API

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