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GtkRadiant for Apple OSX

This directory provides packaging steps for GtkRadiant for OSX. This document describes compiling the application on OSX as well as generating distributable bundles using the framework provided in this directory.

Dependencies & Compilation

Directions for OSX Mavericks 10.9 - your mileage may vary:

sudo port install dylibbundler pkgconfig gtkglext scons
  • Get the GtkRadiant code and compile:
git clone
cd GtkRadiant/
  • Run the build:

(from the GtkRadiant/ directory)


XQuartz note: on my configuration XQuartz doesn't automatically start for some reason. I have to open another terminal, and run the following command: /Applications/Utilities/, then start radiant.


The Makefile in the 'apple/' directory will produce a distributable .app bundle for GtkRadiant using dylibbundler:

make image

Getting help

Get on irc: Quakenet #radiant, or ask on the mailing list, or post something on the issue tracker..