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filter non-light/non-model entities #102

IHappyDayI opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Currently it's only possible to filter models, filter lights, or filter all entities. I'd like to request an option to filter the rest of the entities as well. Some maps use a lot of spawns, targeted lights, triggers, etc. which makes it harder to see the actual geometry of the map that one would like to work on. Simply filtering all entities is not really an option because models get filtered too (which is more than half of my maps geometry).
So, it would be nice to be able to filter all the entities that are still left when you filter lights and models. Preferably with even more options like filer all func_ entities or filter all target_ entities, etc.


ALT + 1 (World) then SHIFT + M (Models), then I (Invert Selection), then H (Hide selection), then the 2 first shortcuts (Show again world + models) can make it as well :)


Yeah, you're right. However, you can't use the hide function (H) anymore without having to do it all over after you show (Shift + H) the hidden objects again.


I was thinking about the same feature some time ago, but after thinking more and finding this solution I thought I would do it like this all the time...

But adding such feature would same time. What do you suggest as shortcut?

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