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mapmedia.pk3 #112

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Should we disable this (rename to

mapmedia.pk3 isn't included with a standard Q3 installation, it is installed on a user's system by GtkRadiant. I believe it only exists as an example PK3 file, the purpose of its existence would otherwise be a mystery. It has long caused problems for level designers who may inadvertently use assets included with this PK3 file only to have other players with a "vanilla" install of Q3 discover that the map has missing textures. It has certainly done more harm than good and has plagued many a level designer.


That makes sense. I assume you are saying that GtkR already scans a .zip out of the box for content? Or some changes need to be made.

That doesn't really solve the problem of using textures that are not in standard distributions though. I know LDs have loads of extra third party packages. mapmedia.pk3 is probably a small fraction of all the cases of missing tex when packaging


No idea why naming the archive a zip would change anything or help... It would only potentially break the automatic reading of the textures via Q3A and the editor. And the editor might need to hack to read it.

The point of the file is to add several missing textures, so these do make sense.

The solution to missing textures is simple, install a darn 2nd version of Q3A that is actually clean. Surprising how few folks, even seasoned mappers, do this.


OK... makes more sense to me now.

I took a closer look at the textures in the mapmedia.pk3, they are either skilled edits or directly from id? If the latter... strange they never made it into a official pakX.pk3. (I don't mean the editor helper textures, more like the CTF coloured ones).


Actually, editor images (for common, etc.) are included in common.pk3 (or common-spog.pk3 or similar - on vacation and can't check). Those are rather important for mappers and a mandatory file for the game pack.

Mapmedia.pk3 includes entirely unnecessary stuff that I think were tossed into the game pack at some point in history which no one remembers why. These textures aren't part of Q3 and seems to just confuse people. Renaming it to .zip prevents GtkRadiant from reading its contents altogether.

If anyone wants to use a texture from mapmedia.pk3, they can just copy the texture to their own .pk3 as they would with any other custom assets. As a zip file, it's still there in case anyone really needs it.


Oh so what you are suggesting is a 'soft removal' more or less. I don't know that mappers will find/know that those textures are there if we just package up a .zip .. we could simply put a mapmedia.pk3 download on the website, and remove it altogether from the pak?


That's a good idea, let's do that.


Moved mapmedia.pk3 from Q3 game-pack to GtkRadiant website /downloads section.

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Reopening, I believe I need to update the website on from latest SVN, correct?

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