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Garux commented Aug 22, 2012

Not sure if its possible to port one from doom3 editor due to different map format, but there is code in q3map2, running during bsp phase. It deletes odd surfaces.
The problem is, that it works only with structural brushes and also can delete some wanted surfaces.
Separate autocaulk pass for q3map2 or feature inside radiant might be good, even considering its dirty.


TTimo commented Aug 24, 2012

The way autocaulking is done in q3map2 wouldn't lend itself to being moved over to running in the editor. At least not easily.
I'm not sure what the 'from doom3' is about so ignoring that.
If there are specific problems with q3map2's autocaulking, please consider making a specific report for that with a sample map.

@TTimo TTimo closed this Aug 24, 2012

Garux commented Aug 28, 2012

Doom 3 editor has autocaulk feature; select brushes, ctrl+shift+a; works pretty fine and safe.
Map format is something with 'brushdef3' tag - brush primitives with different texture projection or completely different?

The main problem with q3map2 'autocaulk' is, that it doesn't work with detail brushes. Detail tag is used to mark brushes, as not blocking visibility, so 'good' map can have over 50 percents of them.
According to compile logs, 'autocaulk' is side product of creating portals.
So behavior is not bug, it's planned.

Also q3map2 from time to time deletes good surfaces of structural brushes. Thats why running culling surfaces code for detail brushes is pretty risky. Basically design details tend to have surfaces, getting deleted by mistake, if marked structural.

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