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Feature request: Select faces ( hotkey F ) #118

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I would love to see this feature added to the editor. I have been always using this together with drag select (issue #61) to..

  1. Adjust lenght / width / height of stuff

  2. Texturing: drag select bunch of stuff - hit F - drag select the blue dots in 2D view or shift click faces in 3D view you want to texture, and then click the texture from texture browser.



Note: For clarity sake, this is a feature from GtkRadiant 1.5.0 and I suppose this is a request to port those features over (indeed, it's pretty cool).


I second this request; this was available in 1.5.0, where'd it go in 1.6? It seems like such a simple task, especially if the 1.5.0 source code is still available. Please implement this feature as soon as possible... if I knew more about the GtkRadiant codebase I would do it myself!


Because 1.6 is not based off of the vastly different 1.5 code base, its based on the 1.4 code base.

And I think at this point nobody is willing to port any major features over.

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