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Jedi Academy Gamepack: Wrong model paths #119

mrwonko opened this Issue Oct 3, 2012 · 2 comments

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mrwonko commented Oct 3, 2012

In the JAPack's entity defintions, i.e. Base/Scripts/mp_entities.def and sp_entities.def, some of the model paths are off. A couple have a leading / (a matter of replacing "/ with ") and saber is typoed as sabre in the weapon_saber entity. (i.e. it should be models/weapons2/saber/saber_w.md3)

0bsidian commented Oct 5, 2012

Removed 21 instances of the leading "/". No word "sabre" found in either .def files, someone else must have fixed the typo before.

Download revised .def files here:*checkout*/gtkradiant-gamepacks/JAPack/trunk/install/base/scripts/mp_entities.def?revision=93*checkout*/gtkradiant-gamepacks/JAPack/trunk/install/base/scripts/sp_entities.def?revision=93

TTimo commented Oct 5, 2012

Obsi said close it.

@TTimo TTimo closed this Oct 5, 2012
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