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Feature Request: Structural/Detail Toggle Button #121

0bsidian opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I think it would be incredibly useful to have a toggle button on the toolbar that switches the creation of new brushes from structural to detail.

Currently, users don't have a choice, every brush created is flagged structural. The user has to manually select brushes and flag them as detail. This is slow work and flagging the wrong brush could lead to vis problems.

Modern map building techniques using the caulk-hull method involves heavy use of detail brushes on all textured surfaces and structural caulk brushes strictly for vis. A toggle button would simplify the whole process, toggle the button on and all brushes can be created as detail, toggle the button off and start laying out chunks of structural caulk.

Control + D and Control + Shift + D shortcuts to flag individual brushes as detail/structural would still behave as they have before.


This would be excellent! I too hate having done a lot of speed mapping at the start of a project or new area, and then going back and fixing all my errors since I was going so fast. +1 this is a great idea.


Added in my last Pull Request


Code was merged. New build should appear sometimes this week.


Awesome thanks so much! Really appreciate this feature.


I want something like this since 2008, thanks for this feature.


Closing, latest binary has the functionality.

@TTimo TTimo closed this
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