3D and XY grid window does not refresh with "lighter" window managers. #124

hamiltond opened this Issue Nov 12, 2012 · 0 comments

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It works with gnome and kde. It does not work with awesome, xfce4, windowmaker, etc.


  • Although the application works, i.e. it is possible to draw a rectangle in the xy window but the rectangle becomes visible only after resizing the whole application.
  • When alt tabbing back from a different application (say firefox) a residual image remains in place of xy window. (only tested in awesome)
  • When resizing the xy window imprints of the resize-bar (?) remain all over the app.

See screenshot:

gtkradiant 1.6.3
archlinux, kernel 3.6.6, x86_64, HD6870, catalyst driver

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