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UrT compiler: terrain blending not working? #126

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Timothee "TTimo" Besset Garux
Timothee "TTimo" Besset


Does the 1.6.3 q3map2 (Based on q3map2_fs20g, which was forked from 2.5.16) have any known issues with terrain blending?

I am mapping for Urban Terror 4.1.

I opened up Socs tutorial .maps as a test and compiled them with every setting available in the current 1.6.3 release and I'm getting similar results to what EmeraldTiger got in this thread

If you scroll down you will see what I mean ...Basically there is no blending.

Any advice is appreciated. Regards,

We haven't explicitly tested the terrain blending in FrozenSand's q3map2 fork. It's not a feature used much in Urban Terror mapping as far as I can tell, so it may be broken.

You can still compile your map for Urban Terror with the latest 'general release' q3map2 (2.5.17) that is included in GtkRadiant. You won't get the FS enhancements like the lighting model, but you can see if the terrain blending works there at least.


It complies huge map with sock's shaders here, about 1/10 of blends dont work.
I'v got it working as it should after moving all alphamod brushes into a single func_group.
Method is not acceptable on every map, since grouping is often used to separate brushes with their alphamod volumes from the rest of map.
Blending inside of such groups is broken with urt q3map2.

I'v stated, that blending didnt work for single shader completely and was semiworking for other one.
The rest ones worked fine.

Timothee "TTimo" Besset

So do you confirm that your problem is specific to urt q3map2, and that mainline q3map2, which can compile UrT maps as well, doesn't not have those problems?

Having a precise answer to this specific question is important because it suggests that all we need to do to fix this is a bit of merging and comparison between the two trees.


Yes, alphamod volumes worked flawless on huge map with mainline q3map2.

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