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Some people might have issues setting this up, so here's a little guide based on what worked for me:

How to setup radiant compile environment on windows 7 with vs2010

get latest radiant/q3map2 and unzip:

get and install python 2.7.3 msi:
install to somewhere like C:\Python27

get and install scons-2.2.0-setup.exe

get SVN command line: (last download on that page)

cd to the folder where you unzipped radiant
then run:
C:\Python27\Scripts\scons.bat target=setup
that will grab the dependencies from SVN for you (i.e. missing libxml.h etc.)

run vs2010 (and convert) or vs2008 (note: you still need at least vs2008 express to have 2008 debug dlls used by radiant / q3map2, otherwise you'll get winsxs side-by-side errors when you run your apps)

compile, and you'll get:

Error 421 error C2084: function '__int64 abs(__int64)' already has a body.... \stl_cstdlib.h 158 1 image

so comment out this line, and compile again:
//inline _STLP_LONG_LONG abs(_STLP_LONG_LONG __x) { return __x < 0 ? -__x : __x; } //line 158


More help at:


Closing. This is not an actual issue, in the sense that there is nothing to be done from this. This information will be archived though so we can get back to it.

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