Xonotic's q3map2 minimap feature #132

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Majki commented Dec 8, 2012

Xonotic's q3map2 has nice minimap creation:

Focus on top right corner.

Can we incorporate this feature?

Garux commented Dec 9, 2012

It is separate -minimap ... filename.bsp stage and can be runned on supporting q3map2 version afterwards.
There are more worthy features of that compiler to port.

0bsidian commented Dec 9, 2012

For this feature to be supported, I think it would be first wise to see if there is enough interest in having GtkRadiant support Xonotic and more importantly, finding a programmer who would be able to support it (see the mission statement). I believe Xonotic does some fairly dramatic changes so merging features might not be really feasible.

Garux commented Dec 10, 2012

Its hard to say how complex task merging is, while not being into the code. It might be as easy as copy/paste and might be not.

I gave it a try with q3 bsps
also can produce 'black on transparency' and 'white on transparency' ones

It is not worthy idea to port, since the feature is not tied to other q3map2 stages, so it can be achieved by using xonotic's q3map2.
Also it would be just buried in the code, since changes are not being documented.

Actually, i would like xonotic's q3map2 to be mainline one (which not gonna happen), since it works notably quicker on every stage and has good features implemented.
Urt q3map2 does -meta slightly better optimized for vis, but for expense of poor precision.
Urt q3map2's -vis stage produces more vis data, therefore blocks more geometry.
Xononotic's q3map2 is free of different bsp limits (like brush count), which do not exist in q3 engine.
Bsp stage works quick and precisely.

q3map_alphagen dotProductscale feature examples:
It allows to specify the range of angles, where blending occurs.

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