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Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc.
This file is part of Quake III Arena source code.
Quake III Arena source code is free software; you can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License,
or (at your option) any later version.
Quake III Arena source code is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Foobar; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
// qfiles.h: quake file formats
// This file must be identical in the quake and utils directories
The .pak files are just a linear collapse of a directory tree
#define IDPAKHEADER (('K'<<24)+('C'<<16)+('A'<<8)+'P')
typedef struct
char name[56];
int filepos, filelen;
} dpackfile_t;
typedef struct
int ident; // == IDPAKHEADER
int dirofs;
int dirlen;
} dpackheader_t;
#define MAX_FILES_IN_PACK 4096
PCX files are used for as many images as possible
typedef struct
char manufacturer;
char version;
char encoding;
char bits_per_pixel;
unsigned short xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax;
unsigned short hres,vres;
unsigned char palette[48];
char reserved;
char color_planes;
unsigned short bytes_per_line;
unsigned short palette_type;
char filler[58];
unsigned char data; // unbounded
} pcx_t;
.MD2 triangle model file format
#define IDALIASHEADER (('2'<<24)+('P'<<16)+('D'<<8)+'I')
#define MAX_TRIANGLES 4096
#define MAX_VERTS 2048
#define MAX_FRAMES 512
#define MAX_MD2SKINS 32
#define MAX_SKINNAME 64
typedef struct
short s;
short t;
} dstvert_t;
typedef struct
short index_xyz[3];
short index_st[3];
} dtriangle_t;
typedef struct
byte v[3]; // scaled byte to fit in frame mins/maxs
byte lightnormalindex;
} dtrivertx_t;
#define DTRIVERTX_V0 0
#define DTRIVERTX_V1 1
#define DTRIVERTX_V2 2
typedef struct
float scale[3]; // multiply byte verts by this
float translate[3]; // then add this
char name[16]; // frame name from grabbing
dtrivertx_t verts[1]; // variable sized
} daliasframe_t;
// the glcmd format:
// a positive integer starts a tristrip command, followed by that many
// vertex structures.
// a negative integer starts a trifan command, followed by -x vertexes
// a zero indicates the end of the command list.
// a vertex consists of a floating point s, a floating point t,
// and an integer vertex index.
typedef struct
int ident;
int version;
int skinwidth;
int skinheight;
int framesize; // byte size of each frame
int num_skins;
int num_xyz;
int num_st; // greater than num_xyz for seams
int num_tris;
int num_glcmds; // dwords in strip/fan command list
int num_frames;
int ofs_skins; // each skin is a MAX_SKINNAME string
int ofs_st; // byte offset from start for stverts
int ofs_tris; // offset for dtriangles
int ofs_frames; // offset for first frame
int ofs_glcmds;
int ofs_end; // end of file
} dmdl_t;
.SP2 sprite file format
#define IDSPRITEHEADER (('2'<<24)+('S'<<16)+('D'<<8)+'I')
// little-endian "IDS2"
typedef struct
int width, height;
int origin_x, origin_y; // raster coordinates inside pic
char name[MAX_SKINNAME]; // name of pcx file
} dsprframe_t;
typedef struct {
int ident;
int version;
int numframes;
dsprframe_t frames[1]; // variable sized
} dsprite_t;
.WAL texture file format
#define MIPLEVELS 4
typedef struct miptex_s
char name[32];
unsigned width, height;
unsigned offsets[MIPLEVELS]; // four mip maps stored
char animname[32]; // next frame in animation chain
int flags;
int contents;
int value;
} miptex_t;
.BSP file format
#define IDBSPHEADER (('P'<<24)+('S'<<16)+('B'<<8)+'I')
// little-endian "IBSP"
#define BSPVERSION 38
// upper design bounds
// leaffaces, leafbrushes, planes, and verts are still bounded by
// 16 bit short limits
#define MAX_MAP_MODELS 1024
#define MAX_MAP_BRUSHES 8192
#define MAX_MAP_ENTITIES 2048
#define MAX_MAP_ENTSTRING 0x40000
#define MAX_MAP_TEXINFO 8192
#define MAX_MAP_AREAS 256
#define MAX_MAP_PLANES 65536
#define MAX_MAP_NODES 65536
#define MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES 65536
#define MAX_MAP_LEAFS 65536
#define MAX_MAP_VERTS 65536
#define MAX_MAP_FACES 65536
#define MAX_MAP_LEAFFACES 65536
#define MAX_MAP_PORTALS 65536
#define MAX_MAP_EDGES 128000
#define MAX_MAP_SURFEDGES 256000
#define MAX_MAP_LIGHTING 0x320000
#define MAX_MAP_VISIBILITY 0x280000
// key / value pair sizes
#define MAX_KEY 32
#define MAX_VALUE 1024
typedef struct
int fileofs, filelen;
} lump_t;
#define LUMP_PLANES 1
#define LUMP_NODES 4
#define LUMP_TEXINFO 5
#define LUMP_FACES 6
#define LUMP_LEAFS 8
#define LUMP_EDGES 11
#define LUMP_MODELS 13
#define LUMP_BRUSHES 14
#define LUMP_POP 16
#define LUMP_AREAS 17
#define HEADER_LUMPS 19
typedef struct
int ident;
int version;
lump_t lumps[HEADER_LUMPS];
} dheader_t;
typedef struct
float mins[3], maxs[3];
float origin[3]; // for sounds or lights
int headnode;
int firstface, numfaces; // submodels just draw faces
// without walking the bsp tree
} dmodel_t;
typedef struct
float point[3];
} dvertex_t;
// 0-2 are axial planes
#define PLANE_X 0
#define PLANE_Y 1
#define PLANE_Z 2
// 3-5 are non-axial planes snapped to the nearest
#define PLANE_ANYX 3
#define PLANE_ANYY 4
#define PLANE_ANYZ 5
// planes (x&~1) and (x&~1)+1 are allways opposites
typedef struct
float normal[3];
float dist;
int type; // PLANE_X - PLANE_ANYZ ?remove? trivial to regenerate
} dplane_t;
// contents flags are seperate bits
// a given brush can contribute multiple content bits
// multiple brushes can be in a single leaf
// these definitions also need to be in q_shared.h!
// lower bits are stronger, and will eat weaker brushes completely
#define CONTENTS_SOLID 1 // an eye is never valid in a solid
#define CONTENTS_WINDOW 2 // translucent, but not watery
#define CONTENTS_AUX 4
#define CONTENTS_MIST 64
// remaining contents are non-visible, and don't eat brushes
// currents can be added to any other contents, and may be mixed
#define CONTENTS_CURRENT_0 0x40000
#define CONTENTS_CURRENT_90 0x80000
#define CONTENTS_CURRENT_180 0x100000
#define CONTENTS_CURRENT_270 0x200000
#define CONTENTS_CURRENT_UP 0x400000
#define CONTENTS_CURRENT_DOWN 0x800000
#define CONTENTS_ORIGIN 0x1000000 // removed before bsping an entity
#define CONTENTS_MONSTER 0x2000000 // should never be on a brush, only in game
#define CONTENTS_DEADMONSTER 0x4000000
#define CONTENTS_DETAIL 0x8000000 // brushes to be added after vis leafs
//renamed because it's in conflict with the Q3A translucent contents
#define CONTENTS_Q2TRANSLUCENT 0x10000000 // auto set if any surface has trans
#define CONTENTS_LADDER 0x20000000
#define SURF_LIGHT 0x1 // value will hold the light strength
#define SURF_SLICK 0x2 // effects game physics
#define SURF_SKY 0x4 // don't draw, but add to skybox
#define SURF_WARP 0x8 // turbulent water warp
#define SURF_TRANS33 0x10
#define SURF_TRANS66 0x20
#define SURF_FLOWING 0x40 // scroll towards angle
#define SURF_NODRAW 0x80 // don't bother referencing the texture
#define SURF_HINT 0x100 // make a primary bsp splitter
#define SURF_SKIP 0x200 // completely ignore, allowing non-closed brushes
typedef struct
int planenum;
int children[2]; // negative numbers are -(leafs+1), not nodes
short mins[3]; // for frustom culling
short maxs[3];
unsigned short firstface;
unsigned short numfaces; // counting both sides
} dnode_t;
typedef struct texinfo_s
float vecs[2][4]; // [s/t][xyz offset]
int flags; // miptex flags + overrides
int value; // light emission, etc
char texture[32]; // texture name (textures/*.wal)
int nexttexinfo; // for animations, -1 = end of chain
} texinfo_t;
// note that edge 0 is never used, because negative edge nums are used for
// counterclockwise use of the edge in a face
typedef struct
unsigned short v[2]; // vertex numbers
} dedge_t;
typedef struct
unsigned short planenum;
short side;
int firstedge; // we must support > 64k edges
short numedges;
short texinfo;
// lighting info
byte styles[MAXLIGHTMAPS];
int lightofs; // start of [numstyles*surfsize] samples
} dface_t;
typedef struct
int contents; // OR of all brushes (not needed?)
short cluster;
short area;
short mins[3]; // for frustum culling
short maxs[3];
unsigned short firstleafface;
unsigned short numleaffaces;
unsigned short firstleafbrush;
unsigned short numleafbrushes;
} dleaf_t;
typedef struct
unsigned short planenum; // facing out of the leaf
short texinfo;
} dbrushside_t;
typedef struct
int firstside;
int numsides;
int contents;
} dbrush_t;
#define ANGLE_UP -1
#define ANGLE_DOWN -2
// the visibility lump consists of a header with a count, then
// byte offsets for the PVS and PHS of each cluster, then the raw
// compressed bit vectors
#define DVIS_PVS 0
#define DVIS_PHS 1
typedef struct
int numclusters;
int bitofs[8][2]; // bitofs[numclusters][2]
} dvis_t;
// each area has a list of portals that lead into other areas
// when portals are closed, other areas may not be visible or
// hearable even if the vis info says that it should be
typedef struct
int portalnum;
int otherarea;
} dareaportal_t;
typedef struct
int numareaportals;
int firstareaportal;
} darea_t;