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CL k-Means

CL k-Means is an efficient and portable implementation of Lloyd's k-Means algorithm in OpenCL. It introduces a more efficient execution strategy that requires only a single pass over data. This single pass optimization is based on a new centroid update algorithm that features a reduced cache footprint.

Build Dependencies

Build Instructions

git clone --recursive
mkdir CL-kmeans/build
cd CL-kmeans/build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..
make -j`grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l`


First, generate binary files in a simple binary file format. Then run the benchmark. Finally, view the total OpenCL kernel runtimes stored in the output CSV file.

./bench --csv runtime.csv --config ../configurations/intel_core_i7-6700K_three_stage.conf ../data/cluster_data_4f_10c_2048mb.bin
grep TotalTime *runtime_mnts.csv # Total runtime in microseconds in last column


CL k-Means can be tuned to different types of processors using simple configuration files. Each file consists of a key-value pairs that define the execution strategy and hardware tuning options.

See example configurations for Intel Core i7-6700K and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 processors in the '/configurations' directory.


This project has resulted in the following academic publications:

C. Lutz et al., "Efficient and Scalable k-Means on GPUs", in Datenbanken Spektrum 2018
C. Lutz et al., "Efficient k-Means on GPUs", in DaMoN 2018

To cite these works, add these BibTeX snippets to your bibliography:

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Efficient k-Means in OpenCL




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