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Myriad Parallel Data Generator Toolkit

This package contains the Myriad Parallel Data Generator Toolkit. The Myriad Toolkit facilitates the specification of scalable data generation programs with complex statistical constraints via a special XML data generator prototyping language.

The Myriad Toolkit uses advanced PRNG algorithms to implement offset-based access to the elements of the generated domain type sequences within a bounded time. This feature facilitates an efficient data-parallel execution mode. Data generation programs created with the Myriad Toolkit therefore can be scaled-out in a massively parallel manner in order to quickly generate large synthetic datatets with complex statistical dependencies.

First Steps

If you want to learn more about the Myriad Toolkit, please read the Quick Start Guide and the XML Specification Reference Manual.

To get a running demo of a simple data generator, please check the vldb-demo package.


The Myriad Toolkit is available for free use under the Apache License. For more information about the license, please check the LICENSE file.