Supporting tool of migration study of Java application.
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TUBAME provides follwing useful informations for your migration.

  • Dependency Searching Function
  • Application codes that could be unavailable or deprecated on the target middleware (JBoss EAP6, etc.)
  • Knowledge-Based Searching Function
  • How To and Workload for modifiying configurations that could be needed for your applications to run on the target middleware

How do I run TUBAME?

TUBAME is the Eclipse Plugin. So all you have to do for using TUBAME is to put it's binaries into Eclipse plugins folder.
The Dependency Searching Function is ready-to-use as soon as you install it in Eclipse, and also you can use the Knowledge-Based Function without any additional operations if you use Rule-Sets provided by TUBAME community. Or you can define your own Rule-Set by Knowledge Manager. By using Knowledge Manager you can make detailed Guideline for migration.

To try and understand TUBAME it's the better way to use Rule-Sets (now JBoss EAP4 to EAP6 available) provided by TUBAME. From now on TUBAME will provide Rule-Sets gradually, such as migration on WebLogic to JBoss EAP6. And we expect and appreciate that you share your own Rule-Sets. Your contribution will make TUBAME fly higher!

Please see following pages for more details .

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