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Import! This is not the git of JavaScript API - SVGPlot of SVGKIT

SVG-Plott is a Java-program which uses gnuplot. Gregor Harlan started the development during his assignment supervised by Jens Bornschein and Denise Prescher. The Tangram team of the TU Dresden extend this project with several new features. This program generates and creates an svg-file for blind users. After the creation the file can be printed on a tactile printer. Our system just generates the svg-file. If you want the see the svg, you have to open the file in a browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

The program generates 3 files:

  • title.svg
  • title_desc.html
  • title_legend.svg

Hint Title can be set by using the option --title name (see options)


  • download and install gnuplot v4.6 gnuplot or higher
  • download and install Java
  • add the Java and gnuplot to PATH-Variable
  • Braille Font Braille DE Computer by Viewplus Website


For creating an SVG-File

java -jar svg-plott.jar [options] function1 [function2 [function3]]  


By using the following options the output can be configured.


option description
--title, -t title of the graphic
--size, -s size of the graphic in millimeter (Default: A4 = 210,297)
--xrange, -x range of x-axis (Default: -8:8) and alternative title Titel, e.g. [--xrange "Years::-3:5"]
--yrange, -y range of y-axis (Default: -8:8) and alternative title (e.g. [--yrange -3:5])
--pi, -p division of the x-axis by multiples of pi (Default: false)
--xlines help lines of the x-axis, seperated by spaces (e.g. [--xlines "1 3.5"])
--ylines help lines of the y-axis, seperated by spaces
--css, -c direct input of css.code or path to a css-file (e.g. [--css "#grid { stroke: #444444 }"] or [--css stylesheet.css])
--points, --pts point list, which should be marked in the graphic. Multiple lists seperated by { }. Points are separated by spaces, x and y are separated by , . List can be named (e.g. ["list 1"::{1.2,3 4.5,6}{-1,-2.3}])
--integral, -i draws a integral area of the functions or of the x-axis (e.g. [--integral "probability::1,2[-2:2]" ])
--gnuplot, -g path of gnuplot (e.g. [--gnuplot "C:\gnuplot.exe"])
--output, -o output path
--help, -h Help


Here you can find some example program calls and the resulting images.

###Example 1

java -jar svg-plott.jar -o example_1.svg -t "example 1" "(x^3-3x^2-10x+12)/6" "-0.25x^2+1"

two graphs (x^3-3x^2-10x+12)/6 and  -0.25x^2+1

###Example 2

java -jar svg-plott.jar -o example2.svg -t "example 2" -x -4:8 -y -6:6 "(x^5-12x^4+35x^3+20x^2-156x+168)/56" "-x+3" "-(x-2)^2+3"

###Example 3

java -jar svg-plott.jar -o example_3.svg -t "example 3" -x -6:10 -y -6:10 "1/(x-2)+2" "-0.3(x-3)^2+6"

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