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TU Delft Embedded Networked Systems Group MSc Thesis Template
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TU Delft ENS Group MSc Thesis Template

This is a official repository for TU Delft Embedded Networked Systems Group MSc Thesis Template.

How to use this template

Assuming you have LaTeX installed and any Unix-compatible system, simply type


This will compile the whole thesis (mege front pages with the core of the thesis and generate thesis.pdf). Makefile, which is part of this repository, specifies the following options in particular:

  • all: calls this makefile pdflatex command
  • dvipdf: calls this makefile dvi command and complies pdf file from dvi file
  • pdflatex: complies thesis.tex with unix/linux pdflatex command
  • dvi: complies thesis.tex with unix/linux latex command
  • spell: run aspell command (linux spell checking command) over all .tex files
  • view: calls this makefile pdflatex command and then GNOME Evince Document Viewer
  • clean: removes all ancillary files from the work directory

Structure of this folder


  • bib: folder with the bibliography file
  • chapters: folder with core chapter *.tex files
  • template: folder with this template *.tex template files
  • template-pics: folder with this template *.tex images for front page (including TU Delft ENS Logo)
  • work: folder for storing all .aux, .log, .out and .toc files (folder must exist, otherwise make will crash)


  • thesis.tex: main .tex file
  • thesis.pdf: compiled version of thesis.tex
  • Makefile: makefile to compile thesis.tex


This template is an adapted LaTeX thesis template of the old TU Delft Embedded Systems Group (see example here). That template was again adapted from the MSc thesi template of the Parallel (and then Distributed) Systems group at TU Delft.


Copyright (C) 2019 TU Delft Embedded and Networked Systems Group.

MIT Licence. See License file for details.

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