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+Windows Programming Laboratory Work #3
+Basics of Working with Mouse. GDI Primitives. Bezier Curve.
+- Mouse
+- Device context
+- GDI Primitives
+ - Line
+ - Curve
+ - Plane
+ - Bitmap image
+- Bezier curve
+Mandatory Objectives (completed)
+- Draw few lines of different colors and weights.
+- Draw a Bezier curve.
+- Draw few plane objects of different colors, weights, filled and not.
+- Draw 2 different objects using mouse.
+Objectives With Points (completed)
+- Draw a custom bitmap image. **(1 pt)**
+- Add a switch that will change mouse ability to draw objects. **(2 pt)**
+- Draw a Bezier curve using mouse. **(1 pt)**
+- Fill an object with a gradient. **(1 pt)**
+- Delete objects using mouse clicking. **(2 pt)**
+- Use mouse as an eraser of an adjustable width. **(2 pt)**
+Application Creation Steps
+In the development process, I consulted the recommanded book (["Programming Windows, 5th Edition", by Charles Petzold](
+Also, I found myself consulting the documentation on the [MSDN]( page very often.
+First of all, I made wireframe models of the application's window and dialogbox, with general layout and functionality, using the [MockFlow]( tool.
+![Window Mockup](
+Result Application
+This is a screen shot of the application's window and dialogbox in the virtual Windows 8 environment:
+![Window screenshot](
+This laboratory work was an interesting one. I had the opportunity to buid an applications will a lot of basic drawing features, somewhat resembling the MS Paint application.
+The main difficulty I encountered was with limiting the allowed draing area, but I managed to solve this issue.
+In this laboratory work I familiarized myself with all the drawing posibilities the Windows API gives us, and with the right way of working with the mouse, and letting the user control the application features using mouse clicks.
+This laboratory work layed an important base ground for future laboratory works, especialy in working with animations.

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