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CoBMo - Control-oriented Building Model
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CoBMo - Control-oriented Building Model

The Control-oriented Building Model (CoBMo) is a building modelling framework catering specifically for the formulation of MPC problems for thermal building systems. CoBMo provides a mathematical model which expresses the relationship between the electric load of the thermal building systems and the indoor air climate with consideration for interactions of the building with its environment, its occupants and appliances. To this end, CoBMo currently implements models for 1) the thermal comfort of building occupants as well as 2) the indoor air quality.


The preliminary CoBMo documentation is located at:


  1. Check requirements:
  2. Clone or download repository.
  3. In your Python environment, run pip install -e path_to_cobmo_repository.

Please also read docs/


If you are keen to contribute to this project, please see docs/

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