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Add half step accuracy back into dome brush (would be good for almost all other brushes too...) #83

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For some reason you can no longer choose to make domes with half step accuracy? It used to be that you could choose a half step as your /v and then it would make half steps whenever the mathematical curve of the dome was closest to a half step of height, rather than a full one.

This should be added back in, because it was a very nice feature.

In fact, this is a feature that should probably exist for nearly ALL brushes. Triangle, line, spline, parabola, even things like the ball brush. Especially now that we have upside down half steps (it can hit half step accuracy on top and bottom both).

Featherblade used to have like a 4 page long article on how to do this by hand that was ridiculously complicated. There's no reason we can't do it automatically for much smoother brushwork.

@gabizou gabizou closed this
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