Fixing tree brush to work anywhere #86

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GavJenks commented Nov 2, 2012

Another feature that disappeared for some reason and should be reimplemented:

Tree brush should do the following:

  1. Store the block you sniped into memory, unless it is a leaf block in which case the brush does nothing.
  2. Turn that block into grass or dirt (since the bukkit tree method requires it), OR if the currently selected tree type is a muchroom, then mycellium instead.
  3. Sprout a tree or mushroom from it.
  4. Turn the original block back to what it was from memory (both id and data values)

This allows one to spam trees onto ANY surface, without changing the surface in the process, and without having to painstakingly turn it into stupid grass first, and then change it all back. The exception for leaves prevents trees stacking on top of each other while placing a whole grove.

Don't know why this was taken out, but it is absolutely essential for making any forested areas in our highly customized terraforming, where the ground is more often than not NOT dirt.

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