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[Building] Terrorists now use room boards even if occupied. Report: Ratz

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GWRon committed Sep 10, 2017
1 parent 6ae03f0 commit 88426441bc7f8f2d803b385a88e872ce43737426
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@@ -434,7 +434,9 @@ Type TFigureTerrorist Extends TFigureDeliveryBoy
Method IsAcceptingEntityInSameRoom:int(entity:TEntity, room:object)
if not GetInRoom()
local r:TRoomBase = TRoomBase(room)
if r and r.HasFlag(TVTRoomFlag.FAKE_ROOM) then return False
'if going into a fake room (eg. "room board") just accept it
'so the terrorist cannot get blocked by others
if r and r.HasFlag(TVTRoomFlag.FAKE_ROOM) then return true
return Super.IsAcceptingEntityInSameRoom(entity, room)

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