Script to create a lab stack for each participant using CloudFormation and email instructions to them.
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Lab Stack

This script can be used to create a complete stack for lab exercises for each participant in a class. In order to use it you will need to sign up and install the tools for CloudFormation and SES.

The lab stack is created based on a CloudFormation template which is stored in infra_lab.template. The script however is fairly coupled with this template at the moment.

In order to simplify the class for the participants will create and upload a hosts file to each of the created machine so they can refer to one another with friendly names like The email sent to the participants will also contain a section that can be pasted into their /etc/hosts.


Run the following to see the proper ways to use

./ -h

Setup Instructions

In order to run the lab-stack, you will need to follow the instructions here to setup AWS and your machine.