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Creates custom post types and taxonomies for Trinity Western University portfolios.


The plugin enables use of these shortcodes which can be used in posts, pages, and widgets

Artifact Count


Displays a current total count of all artifacts in the portfolio, it will produce output if a portfolio contains say 12 artifacts, like:

12 artifacts

Adding a parameter link=1 it will output the same but as a hyperlink to view all the artifacts.

[artifact_count link=1]

Artifact Types Shortcode

This shortcode will output a full index of the portfolio structure according to the taxonomy for Artifacts (which can be edited in the WordPress dashboard under TWU Portfolio -> Artifact Types.


Will list the full taxonomy, each linked to its archive, with a display of how many artifacts are within that type. The following parameters can be used in the shortcode

  • show_description=1 Show the description of the artifact type (if available). Default is 1 to show, set to 0 to hide.
  • show_children=1 Display one level of sub-types. Default is 1 to show, set to 0 to hide.
  • hide_empty=0 Only list types that are used in artifacts. Default is 0 to show all available, set to 1 to show only ones that are used.
  • order_by='id' How the types are sorter; id (default) is by order they ere created; other options include name to sort by title, count by count of items.
  • order direction of sorting; ASC (default) is alphabetical or increasing; used DESC for reverse

Example- List full taxonomy without descriptions

[artifact_types show_description=0]

Example- List only top level taxonomy without descriptions (e.g for a widget).

[artifact_types show_description=0 show_children=0]

Display Portfolio Shortcode

This code provides a flexible way to display portfolio artifacts, for use in pages, posts, widgets.

The basic view is generated by


These parameters are available (note defaults).

  • display_types Output the categories of artifacts; default = true
  • display_tags Output the tags of artifacts; default = true
  • display_content Output the excerpt; default =true
  • display_author Display the author name; default =false
  • display_thumbnail Display featured image; default =true
  • columns Number of columns for grid view; default = 2
  • count Show this many artifacts (use -1 for all); default = 3
  • order How to order, asc for ascending, desc for descending; default = asc
  • orderby What to order by, values can be 'date', 'title', 'rand', or 'author'; default = date

A Page listing the most recent ones in a 3 item per row grid

 [twu_portfolio count="9" orderby="date" columns="3" ]

The same, but we will hide the types and tags

    display_types="false" display_tags="false"
    count="9" orderby="date" columns="3" ]

A footer display for one random artifact and its title

    display_types="false" display_tags="false" display_content="false" 
    count="1" orderby="rand" columns="1" ]

Alphabetical list of all artifacts no thumbnail, but with descriptions

 display_thumbnail="false" display_types="false" display_tags="false" display_content="true"
 columns="1" count="1"  orderby="title" order="asc" ]