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Role of linestring modification in prevention of road network subgraphs

Mehmet Kunt1,PhD, Jennifer Zuehlke2, Randy Machemehl2, PhD, PE

1Eastern Mediterranean University, 2The University of Texas at Austin

This is a repository for purposes of presenting the SciPy2020 Poster at SciPy2020. All the scheduled presentations can be viewed at SciPy2020 Schedule.


In this study, we used coordinate truncation in TIGER/Line datasets for roads to prevent the formation of subgraphs and to ensure a connected graph for network analysis. The method consists of writing a structured code to perform truncation of end coordinates, segmentation of linestrings at the intersection points, and identification of the original linestring to the segments. Overall, the results show improved network connectivity and better performance in finding shortest paths with Networkx. Part of the road network in the state of Texas is being used to demonstrate both the effect of multiple subgraphs and the improvement comes with the proposed approach.


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