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Sample Drupal 7 Module
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Sample OLA Module

I created this repo to show how I went about creating a Drupal 7 module with the intent to house a section of content which also needed to be styled completely separately from the main theme.

The task

A new section of the Doane website needed to be built out in support of the Online Learning Academy. All of the content types, views, templates and blocks would be created via the main Drupal admin, however this new section would have a totally different theme. I utilized a custom Drupal module to house the custom CSS, JavaScript and templates in order to keep them from interferring, or being interferred with, by the main theme.


This is one of the more interesting, and challenging projects I've had in awhile. I had not before needed to develop sections of the website so drastically different from the rest, while also maintaining the content within Drupal. This endeavor required exploring and understanding Drupal Hooks differently than I had used them before, as well as completely decoupling the new content types and pages from the main site's theme.

To reach my goals with this project required much experimentation, especially with regard to clearing previously assigned styles. I put this project to bed having gained even greater insight into how to manipulate Drupal, and with a lot more enjoyment than I ever expected. I am very happy with the end results.

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