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Sample extension manual to use with your own extensions
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Extension Manual

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About this Repository

This is a template manual aiming to help developers when it comes to documentation. The template provides a structure that a developer can use and many useful snippets and examples. Documentation is written in reST format.

Documentation Structure

Your manual may be comprised of the whole Documentation folder or just of this README file. More information about the structure of the files can be found in Directory and File Names in "Writing Documentation".

If you keep the Documentation folder, it should include the files Index.rst, Includes.txt and Settings.cfg. Everything else can be changed and removed. If you do not want to have a "Known Problems" or "Todo List" in your documentation, remove these directories!

Just be sure to change the toctree at the bottom of file:Documentation/Index.rst to include files that actually exist!

Further information

For further information about writing TYPO3 documentation, please see Writing Documentation and specifically in that manual How to Start Documentation for Your TYPO3 Extension.

Found a problem in this repo?

If you find any problems in this sample manual, please add an Issue, or contact the documentation team via Slack or Email (see Help & Support).

Final advice

Remember: documentation is like gift wrapping, it may look superfluous, but your friends tend to be rather disappointed when their presents arrive in supermarket carrier bags. (Documentation-Driven Design quote)

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