Fluid template rendering engine - Standalone version
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NamelessCoder and mbrodala [BUGFIX] Process paths individually in warmup (#397)
A bug in the warmup code meant that all templates,
partials and layouts which were in sub-folders in
the root paths, would cause file not resolved errors
due to using basename() on the absolute file path.

To remedy this, each path has to be traversed by
itself and the relative file path has to be determined
by trimming off the root path. The result is that any
level of sub-folders can be supported in warmup.
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TYPO3.Fluid Rendering Engine

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TYPO3 community template engine - composer-enabled, Flow/CMS dependency-free PSR-4 edition.


  1. Include as composer dependency using composer require typo3fluid/fluid
  2. Run composer install to generate the vendor class autoloader
  3. The classes from TYPO3.Fluid can now be used in your composer project

Usage Examples

Small usage examples have been included in the examples/ folder. The examples are PHP scripts which render the templates and their atomic partials and layouts from the folders. In the PHP files you can find the most basic implementation example - and you can execute the examples by running them through your HTTPD or calling php examples/example_variables.php etc.

Tip: you can execute all examples in the same run by calling

find examples/ -depth 1 -name *.php -exec php {} \;

Usage Documentation

Developer Documentation