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:octocat:The Project has been started by Juuso (jeukku) in order to form a template example that could be used across The Zeitgeist Movement Chapters' websites hosted on any GitHub Repository.

Documentation how to use this template is found here:

The Project's main structure

Jekyll Logo Jekyll structure description
📂_includes These are the partials that can be mixed and matched by your layouts and posts to facilitate reuse.
The liquid tag{% include file.ext %} can be used to include the partial in_includes/file.ext.
📂_layouts These are the templates that wrap posts. Layouts are chosen on a post-by-post basis in the YAML Front Matter, which is described in the next section.
The liquid tag {{ content }} is used to inject content into the web page.
📂_posts Your dynamic content, so to speak.
The naming convention of these files is important, and must follow the format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY-title.MARKUP.
📂_sections Can someone take the quest
We need to fill this interesting space.
📂assets The place where Images, Stylesheets are stored
📂pages These are the partials that can be mixed and matched by your layouts and posts to facilitate reuse.
📄_config.yml Stores configuration data. Many of these options can be specified from the command line executable but it’s easier to specify them here so you don’t have to remember them.
📄 The main GitHub Pages serving file, this is the main file GitHub serves after _config.yml is finished rendering.
🐢 yo bro where is my home. 🐢sometimes I travel home from far away.
🐢when I dream, I dream about a place I call home.
🐢I wish I was home, I need to water those lovely flowers.
🐢I'm sad knowing that I'm far away from home.
🐢They said It will be few more days and I'll be back home.
🐢I'm studying household management, once I'm back home.
🐢the coldest winters won't break my shell, homesick I'm.
🐢I could smell the trees, they are familiar, coming home.
🐢I hear, I tap I'm comming back home.
🐢my feet is hurt, but i'll come back home.
🐢saw a place to rest, soon to be home.
🐢can we have something to eat, please take me home.
🐢wouldn't that be great to visit some familiar place.
🐢the grass is greener when we comeback.
🐢could you tell me the direction of home.
🐢the wisdom, it rests where I lived.
🐢it was hard to leave home.
🐢finally, a path to look forward home.
🐢depressing, to be so far away from home.
🐢I'm an old traveler, home I'm comming.
🐢I felt great, until I realised how far from home I'm.
🐢Hearing those stories, made me homesicked.
🐢the temporal the life is, I'l better come home soon.
🐢If the wisdom had a word, it would be near home.
🐢once I fought and now I'm wiser as I get closer... home.
🐢let's go home and find the truth of train of though.
🐢It's here, it is near, near - it's home.
🐢I'm turtle, but I know when to come home


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