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Debating tournament tabulation software for British Parliamentary and a variety of two-team parliamentary formats


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Tabbycat is a draw tabulation system for British Parliamentary and a variety of two-team formats. It was used at Australs 2010 and 2012–2019, EUDC 2018, WUDC 2019–2022 and many other tournaments of all sizes and formats. To see an example of a post-tournament website, have a look at the WUDC 2022 tab website.

Want to try it out? The best way to trial Tabbycat is just to launch a new site, as described below). It takes just a few clicks, requires no technical background, and you can always deploy a fresh copy when you're ready to run your tournament.

🔍 Features

  • A range of setup options. Tabbycat powers Calico, a paid service for hosting tournaments. Tabbycat can also run as a local installation (natively, or via Docker) and be deployed to the free-tiers of the Render or Heroku platforms.
  • Enter data from multiple computers simultaneously and (optionally) display results, draws, and other information online
  • Collect ballots and feedback online, or from printed forms customised for each round ( adjudicator feedback questions and rankings are configurable)
  • Automated adjudicator allocations based on adjudicator ranking, debate priority, and conflicts/clashes
  • A drag and drop interface for adjudicator allocation that displays conflicts alongside break liveness and gender/regional/language balance considerations
  • A responsive interface that adapts to suit large screens, laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Support for British Parliamentary (EUDC/WUDC), Australs, NZ Easters, Australian Easters, Joynt Scroll, UADC, and WSDC rule sets as well as configurable draw generation rules and team standings rules

📖 Documentation

Our user guide is at

⬆️ Installation

Tabbycat can be used in a number of ways.

Calico is a managed hosting service run by one of Tabbycat's developers. For a flat fee, it will host tab websites, automatically manage their setup and performance, and provide ongoing access to the released tab. Click this button to deploy to Calico:


If you do not want to use Calico, you will need to setup and manage your own copy of Tabbycat:

  1. For tournaments that require online access, you can install and run Tabbycat from Heroku. However, this will cost a small amount of money unless you are a student and have registered for free Heroku hosting credits
  2. For tournaments where online access is unnecessary, you can install and run Tabbycat from your own computer

💪 Support and Contributing

If you have any feedback or would like to request support, we'd love to hear from you! There are a number of ways to get in touch, all outlined in our documentation.

Contributions are welcome, and are greatly appreciated! Details about how to contribute are also outlined in our documentation.

Monetary donations are much appreciated and help us to continue the development and maintenance of Tabbycat. We suggest that tournaments donate at the level of C$1 (1 Canadian dollar) per team; especially if your tournament is run for profit or fundraising purposes. More details are available in our documentation.

©️ Licence

Tabbycat is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. You may copy, distribute, and modify this software; however note that this licence requires (amongst other provisions) that any modifications you make to Tabbycat be made public.

If you wish to modify Tabbycat in a proprietary fashion we (the developers) are open to negotiating a dual licence for this purpose. Please contact us if this is the case for you.

✏️ Authors

Tabbycat was authored by Qi-Shan Lim for Auckland Australs in 2010. The current active developers are:

  • Philip Belesky
  • Chuan-Zheng Lee
  • Étienne Beaulé

Please don't hesitate to contact us (e-mail) with any questions, suggestions, or generally anything relating to Tabbycat.