Documentation, Changelog and Issues related to the Table Tennis England RPDE endpoint
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Table Tennis England Club Open Data

Open Data Endpoint - a feed of the data from


The data is published to conform to Openactive Realtime Paged Data Exchange 0.2.3.

Issues, Questions and Comments

Please raise any issues, questions or comments as a new issue in this repository.

Data Fields

Data Field Example Value Description
id 4811 The unique identification number of the club
kind "club" This always returns club, it’s a framework value that describes the data set.
modified 34471 Framework value
state "updated" Framework value
id 4811 The unique identification number of the club
name "Brand Identity" The name of the club
websiteUrl null The club website address
timetableUrl null A link to the club session timetable
facilities "Changing Rooms" Facilities that the club has access to
availableTables 3 Number of tables the club has access to
accreditiation "PremierClub" Status of clubs accredition - i.e PremierClub, AbilityClub, ClubMark
provisions 2 2 Juniors 3 Sessions 4 Beginners welcome 5 Suitable for people with disabilities and impairments 6 Competitive play 7 Coaching available
id 4016 The unique ID of the venue
name "33 Leitrim Avenue" The name of the venue
address "33 Leitrim Avenue, Shoebury, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Shoeburyness" The address of the venue
postcode "SS3 9HD" The postcode of the venue
phone The venue phone number
email "null" Primary contact email address for the venue
website "null" The venue's website address
lat "0.0" The latitude of the venue location
lng "0.0 The longtitude of the venue location
type "A dedicated Table Tennis facility" The type of facility, ie a community venue or outdoor table
availableTables 0 Number of table tennis tables at the venue
facilities "Changing Rooms, "Accessible Changing" Accessible Changing Accessible Toilets Cafe Refreshments Changing Rooms Disability Access Onsite Parking
primaryVenue "false" Is this the main venue that the club uses?


Date Changes
20/07/2017 Initial version published