Animated GIF patterns made in Python Matplotlib.
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Making GIF Pattern Animations in Python Matplotlib

This code was written by Eleanor Lutz to generate this website.

I learned Python a few months ago from the UW Software Carpentry Course and needed a practice project to work on. This is a script that makes a GIF illustration for any 5-unit color scheme. The script features five different animated patterns, all based on Islamic mosaics.

There are probably a lot of mistakes in the code but I'm going to open source it anyway in case it's helpful for anyone else. Please feel free to use the script for whatever you like. I'd definitely appreciate comments if my use of Python is blatantly wrong somewhere.

Published under the MIT License. Copyright ©2016 Eleanor K. Lutz

Pattern 1: Star Flex

Pattern 2: Box Slide

Pattern 3: Circle Size

Pattern 4: Octagon Flex

Pattern 5: Pixel Slide