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uid: roadmap title: Roadmap author: Morten Lønskov updated: 2023-09-05

Tabular Editor 3 Roadmap

Below is an overview of major new features to be shipped with Tabular Editor 3 updates in the short- to long term:

  • Full Direct Lake Integration
  • DAX Optimizer Integration

Shipped in 2023

✅ TMDL Support as standard Save to Folder file format. (Depending on release of TMDL by Microsoft)

✅ Import Table Wizard support for Databricks (pending availability of REST endpoint for fetching metadata/schema)

✅ Metadata Translation Editor (view that can be opened when selecting one or more cultures, similar to the Tabular Translator tool)

✅ Perspective Editor (view that can be opened when selecting one or more perspectives, allowing you to check/uncheck objects visible in those perspectives)

✅ Improved Support for Oracle Databases

✅ Import Table Wizard support for Power BI datamarts (Use Datamart SQL Endpoint)

Planned for 2024

  • DAX Debugger Enhancements
  • Diagram Improvements
  • Enhanced TMDL Support
  • .Net 8 migration

Non Planned Features

  • Standalone CLI application
  • Git integration
  • DAX Debugger Filter Context visualizer
  • Configurable Daxscilla autocomplete code snippets
  • Configurable theming for code editors (syntax highlighting colors)
  • More Daxscilla code refactoring options and automatic suggestions (for example, replace identical subexpressions with a variable)
  • Incremental deployment (a la ALM Toolkit)

Shipped in 2022

✅ DAX Debugger

✅ .NET 6 migration

✅ C# code assist (autocomplete, calltips, etc.)

✅ Import Table Wizard support for Snowflake

✅ Import Table Wizard support for Power BI dataflows

✅ Configurable hotkeys

✅ Support for DAX window functions

✅ Git integration (private preview)

Shipped in 2021

✅ Import Table Wizard

✅ Portable Version

✅ Pivot Grid, Table Preview and DAX Query impersonation of a specific role or user, making it easy to test RLS/OLS

✅ DAX Script support for calculation groups and calculation items

✅ Offline DAX formatting