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## USB Storage Back Up Daemon
The daemon will back up all mounted partitions on USB storage devices.
This project is known to work on some GNU/Linux distributions. usbud depends on the availability of items such as '/sys/block' and '/proc/mounts', the application 'rsync'.
**Important note: the USB storage back up daemon should not be confused with a 'full' backup solution. It should be used in conjunction with a 'full' backup solution.**
## Features
@@ -19,15 +20,15 @@ The daemon supports per-partition blacklisting and whitelisting. Either list con
## Instructions on running the daemon
The daemon can be run with a command like the following:
- ./usbstoragebackup --target /home/user/mobilestoragebackup --blacklist /home/user/mobilestoragebackup/blacklist.txt;
+ ./usbstoragebackup --target /home/user/backup --blacklist /home/user/backup/blacklist.txt;
The blacklist file might look like the following:
Western Digital My Book 57442D574341E53443303937383936 My Book
Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 899000000000000000000073 DataTraveler 2.0
InphiCHN Mass Storage Device USB Flash Disk
-These identifiers can be obtained via the uslist application:
+The listed items will not be backed up. These identifiers can be obtained via the uslist application:
$ ./uslist

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